Installing an IDE

Updated: 3 years ago

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You'll need an IDE if you want to write code. IDEs are tools that help you write code faster, cleaner and they make sure that everything is in tip-top shape. In this lesson, we are going to install IntelliJ​ which is a free Java IDE from JetBrains.

What is an IDE?

IDE is short for an Integrated Development Environment. It's a fancy code editor that has the capability to also run and compile your code. IDEs also have a lot of other useful features, like code completion, code checking as well as debugging and building tools. We are going to be using IntelliJ.

Installing Intellij

You can download IntelliJ from the JetBrain's website. We are going to be using the Community edition because it's free. Download the latest version and install it on your platform.

Download IntelliJ

Making sure that everything works

To check if everything works, you'll have to create a new project and then run it. We'll do that in the next tutorial.

Can you use a different IDE?

I recommend IntelliJ if you're just starting out with programming in Java. You can use other IDEs or code editors if you already have experience with them. Just make sure that you substitute the IntelliJ commands and shortcuts for commands and shortcuts that your IDE has.